Designed for mechanization of labor-intensive works in agriculture, municipal economy, forestry and manufacturing industry, for cargo transporting in trailers and semitrailers up to 2 ton carrying capacity. 
    The tractors of minor power family are environment-friendly, meet the quality standards, have improved working conditions of the operator (excellent observability, high safety level, ventilation and heating, slanted steering column with adjustable height and angle, hydrosteering installation possibility etc.) Simple construction, service, repair and maintenance (almost all works can be carried out in field condition). Simplicity in used oil and fuel qualities. Usage of spare parts produced domestically or imported and widely applied in Ukraine, produced in CIS countries. 
    ХТЗ-2511 and ХТЗ-3510 are economical on carrying out transporting and other small-capacity works (due to gears amount and increased transporting speed). Minor power family tractors allow the customer to carry out the entire amount of agricultural, stock-breeding, building and municipal works, irreplaceability for a farmer raising the business and for keeping minor farms, the possibility of aggregation with the entire amount of hookup, semi-hookup and trailer machinery, vehicles and devices for tractors of 0,6 drawbar category.

PDF : http://xtz.ua/doc/2511.pdf 

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